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May 02, 2012

Omaha, Neb. (May 2012) – NMC Railway Systems, a division of NMC Inc., announced the introduction of two high-rail excavators to their product line. The NMC 312D L High-Rail Excavator (HRE) and the NMC 324D L HRE adds even more value to the existing specialty equipment NMC Railway Systems has to offer. The NMC HRE equipment line, with years of research and innovative technology behind the hydraulically driven high-rail function, is designed to maximize track maintenance productivity and allow operators the flexibility to work efficiently on- and off-track.

Chuck Haskell, Sales Manager for NMC Railway Systems, said, “The introduction of the NMC High-Rail Excavator line reflects our commitment to offering equipment that will help increase productivity in track maintenance operations.” The all-new NMC 312D L HRE and 324D L HRE’s set the standard for innovation, performance, durability and operational versatility. Both machines are designed and built to deliver versatility and strength to allow operators to under-cut, trench, tie insert, tamp and brush cut while still offering all the conventional functions of a modern track excavator. The hydraulically driven rail functions and widened tracks allow for greater flexibility to work either off-track or in high-rail gear in areas of dense vegetation, remote areas, water logged conditions and in locales that do not offer sufficient off-track positioning.

The compact, yet powerful design of the NMC 312D L HRE will allow operators to work on projects that require a compact machine. Haskell noted, “This specialized system delivers an innovative approach to track maintenance work that traditionally requires more than one piece of equipment. The HRE features unmatched hydraulic innovation that will enhance the operator’s ability to tackle track maintenance tasks either on or off-track.”

The larger NMC 324D L HRE model features a hydraulically powered high-rail gear undercarriage with train air brakes, multiple tool carrier functionality along with front and rear-pivoting railcar couplers. The NMC 324D L HRE, which is designed to both work and transport up to 3 ballast cars, makes this the most complex and significant piece of maintenance equipment NMC Railway Systems has to offer the railroad industry.

Both excavators also feature hydraulic tool controls and can run a variety of attachments, making them valuable additions to any track maintenance operation. Attachment options include: under-cutter bars, tie inserters, tie tampers, buckets, cribbing buckers, brush cutter and the Cat® Work Tool Attachment line. Haskell said, “The launch of the new high-rail equipment is part of a long-term strategy to offer railroads with innovative equipment options that increase track work productivity to keep up with rail traffic increases and carload demand.”

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NMC Railway Systems has been providing railroad customers with a complete range of maintenance of way equipment and specialty attachments since 2007. For more information, contact NMC Railway Systems at 866.662.7799 or click here to contact NMC Railway Systems.