Swing Loaders


Designed with friction drive to ensure maximum on-rail productivity, Vancer’s CSL30 Swing Loader is compact and efficient. The 180-degree swing boom with heavy lifting capacity allows operators to thread rail and maintain track lines without hesitation. In addition to its functionality, the friction drive components provide an easy transition to on- and off-track transportation.

  • Increases speed to relocate equipment in difficult track locations
  • Ability to couple to any Cat Fusion attachment and a rail threader for increased rail maintenance performance
  • Reduces wear and tear on the wheel loader buckets and wheels
  • Auxiliary hydraulic tool valve and hose reel to run additional 5/10 gpm hydraulic tools
  • Bucket
  • Forks
  • Material Arm
  • Hydraulic Angle Broom
  • Snow Blower
  • Snow Blade