On-Site Training

On-Site Training

At Vancer, we provide more than just railroad equipment solutions; we pride ourselves on providing valuable resource for your organization and being an integral part of your team from start to finish. We’re not done until your job is done. That’s why we offer on-site training to ensure that your staff understands the railroad construction equipment they’ll be working with to get the job done quickly and confidently.

Most of the time, the machinery we provide is specifically designed for your organization’s needs. Vancer is known for innovation and producing highly customized machines and tools that match your project’s exact needs. No matter how experienced or skilled your team is, new technology is challengine, our qualified technicians and staff are here to help get your maintenance crews up to speed as quickly as possible.

Our thorough on-site training equips your team with the know-how of utilizing Vancer rail maintenance equipment properly, whether it’s hi-rail, on-track, off-track products or attachments. We take pride in training your operators on how to safely operate Vancer rail equipment. Complete training helps lower the risk of dangerous or costly incidents that would put obstacles in the way of the project and deadlines as well as your team’s safety and well-being. Having proper training will ensure we’re providing the best service prior to starting your rail maintenance project.

At Vancer, our team of professionals is passionate and knowledgeable about maintenance of way equipment. We go beyond just the call to provide quality railroad construction equipment. Our commitment to service is what has continuously set us apart and what has kept our relationships with railroad and rail contractors strong over the years. It’s how we have continued to maintain our finger on the pulse of the rail industry, leading the way with innovation and efficiency. It’s what we call the “whatever is takes” approach. We take pride in continuously setting the bar higher with not just great quality products but also with service. Every field technician is prepped and ready to work with your crew until they are ready to maneuver Vancer products like pros.

We’ll provide your team with the guidance and knowledge they need, training them until they are 100% confident and comfortable with Vancer’s maintenance of way equipment. If your team is in need of specialized or customized training, we’ll work with you to create the ideal rail construction equipment training program. We’re here to ensure that your team can focus on what it is they do best: Getting the job done within deadlines, within budgets, safely, efficiently and properly.

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