Field Service

Field Service

Field Service

The skilled railroad maintenance equipment field service technicians at Vancer have the expertise, knowledge and tools to properly repair railroad construction and maintenance equipment in the field. Whether its on-track equipment, off-track equipment, hi-rail machinery or attachments, equipment downtime is costly. It’s important to get your machinery back up and running as soon as possible to stay on track towards your project deadlines. We offer scheduled visits for planned maintenance and general service repairs on-site so as to help expedite the entire process and get your team the essential machinery needed to complete the projects at hand.

When time is of the essence, sending equipment away for maintenance or repairs can take valuable hours, days or even weeks away from your project – especially if the machinery involved is an integral part of the tasks at hand. Having to wait for machinery to arrive at our facilities, be diagnosed and repaired and then sent back can end up bringing your entire operation to a standstill.

Thanks to our extensive work and relationships with railroads and rail contractors, we understand just how crucial it is to meet deadlines with maintenance of way projects – which is why we are so committed to working with you and your staff to help you make those deadlines. Vancer’s clientele knows us for our quality work and service as well as quick completion of repair or maintenance. Our aim is always to decrease the downtime for your machines as much as possible with staff that is trained and prepared to diagnose, repair and maintain railroad construction equipment in the field.

When your organization is in need of field service on hi-rail wheel loaders to speciality railroad attachments and more, our certified technicians are equipped with a service truck and the expertise needed to get your equipment back up and running. With the help of the latest diagnostic software in the industry, our field technicians will check your machinery thoroughly and identify any issues. We’ll work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get the equipment back on the job.

We think of our organization as always being an important resource and an integral part of your team. Our direct access to a full range of in-stock parts is a win for your organization. Should any deeper issues such as missing or damaged parts be a cause of equipment problems, you can count on an entire team of engineers, fabrication technicians and seasoned service professionals to repair and/or produce whatever is needed to correct the issue. We will produce custom parts if they are required – it’s part of our fervent dedication to quality service and our “whatever it takes” approach that has allowed us to serve and develop as much as we have in the railroad industry.

We’ll provide full scale field service and maintenance for:

Brushcutters  |  Undercutter bars  |  Tie Inserters  |  Tie Tampers  |  Hammers  |  Buckets  |   Grapples  |  Culvert Cleaners  |  Pile Drivers  |  And More

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