Galesburg, IL

Galesburg, IL

Hi-Rail Equipment and Maintenance of Way Equipment in Galesburg, Illinois

Our Galesburg, Illinois, location provides our customers with comprehensive product support services and specially designed hi-rail and maintenance of way equipment. With decades of combined experience in the hi-rail industry, the Vancer team is dedicated to providing excellence in service to our customers.

In-Shop & Field Service in Galesburg, Illinois

Since our products have been designed and developed in-house, there is no better professional to service your equipment than the highly skilled Vancer technicians in Galesburg. We always keep your best interests in mind; we offer the cost-efficient option of in-shop service at our Galesburg location so we can quickly repair, upgrade and maintain your machines.

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We understand that downtime is costly. Our team of field service technicians is available to perform maintenance or repairs on-site so your team can stay on track with your deadlines.

Equipment and Parts for Maintenance of Way Projects

Find a wide selection of innovative maintenance of way equipment, attachments and parts at our Galesburg, Illinois, location. The railroad industry relies on our team to be a total equipment solutions provider. We offer everything from backhoe loaders and hi-rail excavators to undercutter bars, tie cranes and much more. Our on-site engineering team can also modernize or retrofit existing machines to customize them to your team’s specific needs.

Our extensive inventory of equipment and parts includes innovative machinery designed to carry out specific maintenance tasks and projects. This, paired with rental, financing and leasing options – as well as in-shop service, field service and field training to ensure your team knows how to safely operate the machinery – makes us one of the country’s premiere maintenance of way equipment and service companies.

New, Used and Rental Maintenance of Way Equipment

Your deadlines are our priority. We strive to provide your team with everything they need to stay on track – such as rental, financing and leasing options. Whether the equipment is new or used, our priority is always helping you get the work done right and on time – which is why we proudly offer some of the most flexible and competitive rates and terms.

Galesburg, Illinois, Maintenance for Rail Equipment

The best way to keep your maintenance of way equipment functioning properly and as efficiently as possible is to have it serviced with routine maintenance and repairing it as needed. Keeping your equipment in its best shape is one of our top priorities, which is why we offer it all at our Galesburg, Illinois, location. If your equipment needs diagnosis or repairs or even just routine maintenance, our team can help. We will work efficiently and quickly to get your machines back to their best operating condition – so your team can get them back in the field and back to work.