Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

At Vancer, we understand that you might not need — or want — to invest a significant amount of capital into railroad maintenance equipment. That’s why we offer a variety of rail maintenance equipment rentals available  for your short- and long-term needs. We offer multiple flexible options to meet your needs, both large and small.

Types of Hi-Rail Equipment Rentals

Vancer is the only company to turn to when you need to rent the latest and greatest in railroad maintenance of way equipment. We keep our inventory stocked with hi-rail, on- and off-track equipment you need, as well as attachments, power units, and more. Even better: If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll find a rental to fit your needs from our partners.

Our on- and off-rail MOW equipment rentals include:

  • Hi-rail Excavators
  • Hytrackers
  • 1260 Huddig 
  • Hi-Rail Backhoes

Our attachments for rent also include:

  • Undercutters
  • Tie Inserters
  • Tampers
  • Brushcutters
  • Magnets
  • Clam Buckets
  • Grapples
  • Cribbing Buckets
  • Front and Rear Buckets
  • Forks
  • Snow Blades
  • Brooms
  • Material Arms
  • Hydraulic Angle Brooms
  • Snow Blowers
  • Rototilts
  • Prodigs
  • Rail Rider Dollies
  • Dozer Blades
  • Cold Planers
  • Salt Spreaders
  • Mulchers
  • Rippers

Let us provide the rental hi-rail MOW equipment you need to get the job done in the safest and most cost-effective way possible.




Hi Rail Excavator renal
CHX13F 45,000 lbs Available
CWX20F 49,000 lbs Available
CHX20E 68,000 lbs Call for Availability
CHX25 70,400 lbs Call for Availability
CHX35 98,000 lbs Available
CTB41B 100,270 lbs Call for Availability

Available Attachments: Undercutter, tie inserter, tamper, brushcutter, magnet, clam bucket

Hi-Rail Excavator Rental

Cat Class 331-1108 Available
Cat Class 331-1109 Available
Cat Class 331-1115 Available
Available Attachments: Undercutter, tie inserter, tamper, brushcutter, magnet, clam bucket

maintenance of way hi rail equipment for rent
Cat Class 331-1113 Call for Availability
Hytracker Cart  
Available Attachments: Undercutter, tie inserter, tamper, brushcutter, magnet, clam bucket

1260 35,000 lbs Available
Available Attachments: Undercutter, tie interter, tamper, brushcutter, grapple, cribbing bucket, front and rear buckets, forks, magnet, snow blade, broom

maintenance of way rental equipment
Cat Class 316-0131 Available
Cat Class 316-0131 Call for Availability
Cat Class 316-0140 Available

Product Set-up: Standard package includes widened rims to straddle rail and clips, widened bucket with gunno hooks and reinforced forks.

Available Attachments: Bucket, forks, material arm, hydraulic angle broom, snow blower, snow blade

hi rail backhoe for rent
Cat Class 311-0104 Available
Cat Class 311-0105 Available
CBL20F Call for Availability
CBL30F Call for Availability
Cat Class 311-0107 Available
Available Attachments: Undercutter, tie tamper, front & rear buckets, cribbing bucket, forks, rototilt, prodig, rail rider dolly

railroad skid steer rental
Cat Class 301-0117 Call for Availability
Cat Class 301-0120 Call for Availability
Cat Class 301-0126 Call for Availability
Cat Class 301-0130 Call for Availability
Available Attachments: Buckets, forks, brooms, brushcutters, dozer blades, cold planer, salt spreaders, mulchers, snow blowers, snow plows

railroad equipment rental

Cat Class 321-0108 Call for Availability
Cat Class 321-0109 Available
Cat Class321-0118 Available
Available Attachments: Ripper

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Benefits of Renting vs. Buying New Railroad MOW Equipment

While there might be advantages to buying new or used hi-rail equipment for your maintenance of way needs, it’s not always feasible or necessary. Renting can make it easy to get the job done without the significant up-front costs, so you can improve cash flow to maintain or grow other parts of your business.

In addition to the financial benefits, the benefits of renting vs. buying include:

Access to the Latest Technology

Investing in rail maintenance equipment means you plan to use it for years — or even decades — to come. Older machines typically don’t allow for retrofitting with the latest technology (at least without significant cost), but renting means you can get access to the latest in MOW engineering without making the full investment in a piece of equipment.

No Repair Costs

Each used machine rented by Vancer must pass strict quality standards before it’s put up for rent, so you can rest assured knowing your excavator, backhoe, wheel loader, Huddig, or specialty rail attachment will work when you need it to.

Reduce Inventory Costs

Investing in rail maintenance equipment, like hi-rail excavators, often comes with a high price tag. If you’re trying to save on overhead or perhaps you’re not ready to invest into a capital equipment purchase, the option to rent can benefit your operation for the short- or long-term work you may need to complete.  With railroad equipment rentals, you can get the machines you need for the job and simply return it when the job is done.

Test New Equipment Before Buying

Let’s face it: Spending over six-figures for equipment can be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure you’ll really need it for the long term. Renting MOW equipment allows you to “try before you buy” and use a machine before putting down the capital to invest in a machine of your own.


Rental Purchase Options

Not sure if you’re ready to purchase, but need to secure rail equipment for a long-term project? A rental purchase option (RPO) may be your solution. The length of your rental affects how much of the rental rate gets applied to the sale price. For all the details of how a RPO works and whether it makes sense for your business and the equipment you’re renting, contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.


Explore Our Rental Inventory

Vancer offers one of the best selections of hi-rail equipment for rent in the United States.

View our current inventory on the list above. Each listing contains the type of equipment, weight, current availability, and available attachments. We are constantly adding to our rental equipment inventory, so if you don’t see what you need, please contact us so we can locate it in our network.

We are proud to serve Nebraska, Illinois, and Washington with reliable and trusted rentals for maintenance of way work. Whenever you need to rent railroad maintenance of way equipment we have you covered with our vast selection, service, and customer support.