Ballast Cribber


Ballast is a vital part of the track structure. It bears the load of railroad ties, helps with drainage and prevents vegetation from interfering with the track. Railroads need ballast to function properly so that rail traffic moves safely. Because of Vancer’s focus on developing custom railroad attachments for maintenance of way needs, we developed the patented Vancer ballast Cribber. Our ballast Cribber is designed to efficiently remove compacted and cemented ballast in a single swipe – six times faster than traditional methods. Operators can quickly spot treat sections of track that need work.


  • Hydraulic Quick Coupler
  • Removable buckets for different crib widths and ease of replacement
  • Heavy duty cylinders for durability and long life
  • Rail clamps to hold you to rail while cribbing
  • Adjustable rail clamp height for different rail profile
  • Rail wheels to easily move attachment to the next crib
  • Clearing depth under rail – 12 inches
  • Works on 20 ton excavators and up
  • Weight – 4,600 lbs
  • Shipping dimensions – 9’-6” x 2’-6” x 7’-1” (L x W x H)
  • Patent Pending