CBL20 Hi-Rail Backhoe

Technical Specifications

The Vancer CBL20/CBL30 Hi-Rail Backhoe Loader is a customized system that allows for the machine to travel on hi-rail for ease of use at remote job-site locations. The specialized hi-rail system delivers reduced downtime associated with equipment relocation to job sites and allows for increased agility in getting on and off track.

With the hi-rail gear deployed, it easily and efficiently transports the backhoe to difficult track locales including bridge work, dense vegetation and water-logged remote areas. When not in use on track the hi-rail gear is stowed out of the way, allowing operators to work efficiently off track.

  • Increases speed to relocate equipment in difficult track locations
  • Eliminates the need for costly and excessive adaptation systems
  • Reduces wear and tear on the backhoe buckets and wheels
  • Auxiliary hydraulic tool valve and hose reel to run additional 5/10 gpm hydraulic tools
Engine: Cat C4.4 ACERT Technology
430 Net Power: 108 hp (80 kW)
420 Net Power: 93 hp (69 kW)
Tier: Tier 4 Final
Operating Weight: 24,000 lbs (9,525 kg)
Shipping Height: 9.3 ft (2.8 m)
Shipping Length: 23.9 ft (7.3 m)
Shipping Width: 8.6 ft (2.6 m)
Speed: 25 mph max
Fuel Tank: 42 gal (160 L)
Operator: 79 dB(A)
DEF Tank: 5 gal (19 L)
Digging Depth: 19.5 ft (5.9 m)
Other Specs: Variable Flow/ Axial Piston Pump
  • Augers
  • Blades
  • Ditching Buckets
  • Pallet Forks
  • Cribbing Bucket
  • Cat Work Tool Attachments
  • Two-Motor Tamper

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