CTC08 Tie Crane

Technical Specifications

The Vancer CTC08 Tie Crane was designed specifically for railroad material handling maintenance and transport projects. This machine combines agility and strength to tackle the most demanding tie handling jobs. It’s ideal for jobs that require both on-track accessibility and transport. The tie crane is highly maneuverable and quickly couples with a Hi-Rail maintenance scrap cart. This allows operators to safely handle and transport material on track.


  • Compact design packs a powerful lift capacity and precise tool control, which delivers enhanced tie handling agility
  • Operators can work efficiently with railroad concrete and wood ties as well as other material handling applications
  • The dedicated on-track machine and in-cab rear camera provide greater visibility to the operator resulting in enhanced tie placement accuracy
  • Standard quadrant stop protection allows operator to work on one side of the track (approximately 180 degrees), which also protects the machine and operator from swinging the boom to the adjacent rail line while working.
  • Grapple can hold multiple ties at once
  • Tie placer can move multiple ties
  • Pre-fill system for hydraulic oil means hydraulic oil and filters can be added quickly, ensuring dirty oil or contaminants aren’t introduced into the hydraulic system
  • Standard high pressure filter ensures the hydraulic system stays clean, thereby avoiding a reduction in machine performance and/or damaged components that can occur with contaminated oil
  • Ability to couple with a variety of attachments
  • Operating weight at 25,000 lbs
  • Up to 25 mph travel speed
Engine: Cat C3.3B
Net Power: 65 hp (51.8 kW)
Tier: Tier 4 Final
Operating Weight: 25,000 lbs (11,340 kg)
Shipping Height: 10 ft (3.1 m)
Shipping Length: 23.7 ft (7.2 m)
Shipping Width: 8.4 ft (2.6 m)
Speed: 25 mph max
Fuel Tank: 39 gal (147 L)
Tail Swing: 5.2 ft (1.6 m pending addt'l counterweight)
Other Specs: 8 RMP swing speed
  • Tie Head