Hy-Tracker Rail Cart


This high capacity cart can be fitted to many different makes and models of excavators with correct hydraulic packages. With the simple installation of a Hydraulic connection box onto the customer’s excavator, the Hytracker can be loaded from the rear, or from the side (side load models) for efficient loading and unloading. Chain harness included for removing cart from rail and load out.

60,000 lbs Capacity Rail Cart

  • Suitable for 20 metric ton class of excavators
  • Flat deck design
  • Pintle hitch
  • Air on both ends
  • 9’ 6” wide deck

95,000 lbs Capacity Rail Cart

  • Suitable for 30 metric ton class of excavators
  • Knuckle box on drive end
  • Pintle hitch on ramp end
  • Air on both ends for trailer air brakes
  • Option of Flat Deck or Cantilever — where the center of the Cart is higher and the excavator sits a bit lower than a Flat Deck style Hytracker Tow Cart
  • Weight: 17,000 lbs
  • Dimensions: 28’L | 9.5’W | 4’