Culvert Cleaner


While a necessary component of water drainage systems, obstructed culverts pose serious threats to tracks. Rail carriers waste millions of dollars due to washed out track and train delays resulting from a clogged culvert. Often, maintenance of way operators have relied on the traditional auger method of culvert debris removal, but find it is inefficient, untimely and ineffective.


Vancer engineers developed the innovative water-powered Culvert Cleaner. The Vancer Culvert Cleaner removes ballast and other debris from culverts quickly to maintain optimal water drainage and keep track lines safe. The water propulsion system of our Culvert Cleaner clears the entire culvert, not just a center hole. Its enclosed design protects components from damage, saving customers time and money while on the jobsite. Interchangeable water jet heads allow operators power when they need it for tough debris removal. Most importantly, customers can halve their jobsite costs since the Vancer Culvert Cleaner requires only a single machine to do the job.


Excavator Culvert Cleaner Specs


    • Wireless Nozzle Control
    • ½” and 15/16” nozzle adjustment
    • LED Light and Camera Option
    • Hydraulically driven high flow pump
    • Integrated push pad in Frame
    • A, B, CB Linkages
    • 1650 lb weight w/ 2’6”L x 2’7”W x 4’5”H dimensions
    • Patent Pending