Drainage Management with the Vancer Culvert Cleaner

Category: Equipment and Solutions

Keeping culverts clear and working properly is a key part of track maintenance. The impact of a blocked culvert can be disastrous to the railroad’s operations, the safety of the crew and the surrounding area. To keep these man-made channels clear and water flowing – especially during times of severe weather – the Vancer team offers an improved maintenance solution over the traditional auger method.

The Vancer Culvert Cleaner is a water-powered, custom attachment for use with a hi-rail excavator. Requiring only a single machine to run the Vancer attachment, railroads save time, space and money compared with the auger method which requires an excavator and backhoe on site.

With its hydraulically driven, high flow water pump and interchangeable water jet heads for more thorough debris removal – culverts go from clogged to clear in fifteen minutes. The attachment can quickly clear ballast, branches, mud and more from the entire culvert.

Vancer VCC50 Culvert Cleaner

The Vancer VCC50 Culvert Cleaner – which fits all sizes and brands of equipment with its removable top hat – offers two removeable orifices to control available flow rates. To start cleaning, the 200psi/70gpm head creates a piercing flow to break up stubborn packed culverts. When followed with the 200psi/250gpm head, any remaining material is quickly removed.

To avoid washouts and keep track lines safe, the choice is clear when it comes to culvert cleaning. Contact us today for more information about the culvert cleaner and Vancer’s full line of maintenance of way solutions.