• The Importance of a Daily Cab Check

    Inspection Checklist One of the most important steps of preventive maintenance happens before you even start your equipment. Daily inspection routines help improve security on your job site by ensuring safe operation. By following a detailed inspection checklist before every shift, you can ensure operator safety and machine performance.

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  • Material Handling Equipment Solutions for Rail

    As railroads look to gain production efficiencies and improve employee safety, Vancer offers an array of material handling equipment solutions.  

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  • excavator brush cutter
    How to Make Vegetation Management Easier

    Maintaining remote vegetation can be a challenge

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  • MOW rail bridge
    Hit Bridgework Maintenance Challenges Head On

    What Will Railroad Bridge Projects Look Like in 2021? When it comes to bridgework maintenance, there are many complex challenges. One challenge is keeping operators safe as they work to maintain the integrity of the track. Whether exchanging ties, maintaining tunnels, replacing bridge panels, or cleaning culverts, each task requires extra attention to safety when being conducted on a bridge.

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  • used MOW equipment
    How To Affordably Grow Your MOW Fleet

    Years ago, maintaining railways took lots of manpower and backbreaking labor. Large teams of manual laborers had to travel the railways to align, adjust, tamp, and surface everything by hand. Today, it’s much different. We have heavy-duty equipment that can accomplish these tasks with much less difficulty. Now, a common challenge we hear is conducting regular upkeep on a tight budget. You need to efficiently maintain thousands of miles of track to keep the railways safe as they support millions of tons of freight each year.

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  • Integrity Awards Honor Vancer

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  • railroad excavator air compressor
    Hydraulic Air Compressor Development

    New 24 V VMAC Hydraulic Air Compressor Developed For OEMs     

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  • Vancer Attends Annual AREMA Conference & Exposition

    In 1997 the American Railway Bridge and Building Association (ARB&B), the American Railway Engineering Association (AREA) and the Roadmaster’s and Maintenance of Way Association (RMWA) merged to form AREMA.  With each of these groups having more than 100 years of experience, AREMA stands on a solid rail industry foundation.

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  • Safety & Railroad Maintenance Equipment

    Vancer runs on safety. The company contributes products with the intention of not only keeping rail lines safe and operational, but to ensure the safety of the operators and crew members during maintenance projects. Vancer keeps safety and proper handling at the forefront of its efforts to create and improve products.

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  • Why Choose Hi-Rail Equipment

    In the maintenance of way industry, suppliers of hi-rail equipment are constantly working to better the versatility, efficiency and affordability of their machinery so they can better serve their clients.

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