Hi-Rail Equipment for Ballast Maintenance

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Ballast Cribber Hi-Rail Excavator Attachment

Vancer’s custom hi-rail excavator line provides quick access for rail crews to tackle remote ballast maintenance projects.

Railroads rely on ballast to keep rail traffic moving safely by bearing the load of railroad ties while also managing drainage and vegetation around the tracks. This makes it easy to understand why maintaining ballast is the top priority for maintenance of way crews.

Vancer knows this and is dedicated to making MOW operations more efficient through innovative and technologically advanced solutions. One way we’re fulfilling this mission is with the Vancer Ballast Cribber Attachment.

Vancer Ballast Cribber Attachment

With the attachment, MOW professionals can spot-treat tracks by removing cemented and compacted sections of ballast SIX TIMES FASTER than traditional methods. The simplified and streamlined repair process cuts labor hours and costs while improving safety for employees and the trains that travel the tracks daily.

The Ballast Cribber pairs seamlessly with 20-plus ton excavators, like the Vancer CHX25 Hi-Rail Excavator, to conduct spot maintenance in both easily accessible and hard-to-reach remote rail lines. Even better: The Ballast Cribber is outfitted with removable buckets and adjustable height clamps that fit different types or widths to make replacing various types of rail profiles easier — all while the built-in wheels help keep your machine aligned.

The Vancer Cribber Attachment also ensures safe maintenance of way, thanks to rail clamps that hold it to the track to prevent lifting and movement during repairs. Heavy-duty cylinders with easily removable and replaceable teeth mean it’s also made to perform for the long term.

Make maintenance of way more efficient and less labor-intensive by using the Vancer Ballast Cribber attachment on your Hi-Rail excavators. Visit our website for more information on our current MOW equipment inventory available for rent, lease, and purchase, and contact us for a customized quote.