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  • offtrack railroad equipment safety

    Safety comes first when you’re working with equipment. Safe equipment operation involves establishing a job site culture that understands how to mitigate risks. Manufacturers do their part to ensure your safety during machine use. For example, Skid Steer Loaders includes features that will protect you from common hazards.

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  • hi-rail machine warm up
    Don’t Skip the Machine Warm-Up

    HOW TO WARM UP YOUR MACHINE Proper equipment care happens through every step of operation. After you perform a walk-around inspection and start your machine, you need to warm it up for the best results. Every Vancer machine has a cooling system that needs time to reach full function. Warming up your equipment will ensure that it stays at the right temperature during your job.

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  • excavator cab safety check
    The Importance of a Daily Cab Check

    Inspection Checklist One of the most important steps of preventive maintenance happens before you even start your equipment. Daily inspection routines help improve security on your job site by ensuring safe operation. By following a detailed inspection checklist before every shift, you can ensure operator safety and machine performance.

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  • Safety & Railroad Maintenance Equipment

    Vancer runs on safety. The company contributes products with the intention of not only keeping rail lines safe and operational, but to ensure the safety of the operators and crew members during maintenance projects. Vancer keeps safety and proper handling at the forefront of its efforts to create and improve products.

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