Vancer Hi-Rail Equipment Keeps Maintenance Operations on Target

Category: Equipment and Solutions

There are billions of tons of freight moved by rail each year – and the numbers are only going up. Keeping the country’s supply chain moving is vital, which means Class 1’s, shortlines and contractors need to ensure track is maintained to deliver optimal performance.

Maintenance crews benefit from products that perform multiple functions which provide the opportunity to reduce rail maintenance downtime.


Vancer’s industry-leading Hi-Rail equipment options continue to keep rail operations on-target for key maintenance projects. The Vancer team provides rail maintenance crews with various Hi-Rail machines that can tackle a wide variety of projects.


One such machine is the CWX20 Wheeled Hi-Rail Excavator. The Vancer CWX20 boasts 16% more swing torque and over 170 HP. Paired with its hydraulically powered hi-rail gear undercarriage, operators can easily undercut, trench, tie insert, tamp, brush cut and more.


Vancer equipment includes custom engineered safety features that help operators and railroad crews run equipment safely and provides easy access and serviceability to machine components.


As the nation’s rail demands continue to rise, maintenance of way becomes exponentially more important. Vancer is at the ready to drive innovation, help alleviate the strain on rail infrastructure and keep track lines safe.

Data from Association of American Railroads