The Clear Solution for Vegetation Management

Category: Equipment and Solutions

Uncontrolled vegetation can damage tracks and cars, resulting in disrupted railway service and costly repairs. Keeping trains running safely and smoothly across hundreds and thousands of miles requires proper equipment. Vancer’s hi-rail equipment product line offers the flexibility maintenance crews need to effectively manage projects like vegetation management.


Vancer CHX25 Hi-Rail Excavator

The Vancer CHX25 Hi-Rail Excavator is ideal for remote rail areas. With multiple tool functionality, it can be paired with various attachments to perform numerous functions. When combined with the brush cutter, this machine can remove large branches and brush. The mower deck handles grass and weeds easily while the drum style mulching heads cut and grind trees and stumps. When it’s time to clear branches – the chainsaw attachment with a grapple system gets the job done quickly. Plus, branches can be moved in bulk with a tow cart.


The Right Machinery To Access, Cut, Trim, and Clear

When maneuverability is key, skid steers and multi terrain loaders outfitted with tools for removing brush, mowing, and mulching get the job done. Additionally, the Huddig 1260 backhoe allows for efficient vegetation management with its articulating center pivot system and its ability to run multiple attachments.

From specialized equipment to versatile attachments – Vancer has the new, used, and rental machinery available to manage hazardous vegetation as well as other MOW projects. Vancer helps railroads focus on what it is they do best: getting the job done within deadlines, within budget, safely, and efficiently. Contact us today!