Why Choose Hi-Rail Equipment

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In the maintenance of way industry, suppliers of hi-rail equipment are constantly working to better the versatility, efficiency and affordability of their machinery so they can better serve their clients.

Whether it’s light-duty trucks or on-track, maintenance of way machines or rail gear, the hi-rail machinery on the market is geared towards making the often grueling maintenance of way projects much more manageable and efficient.

Hi-Rail Machinery Offers Versatility and Meets the Demand of the Industry

Working on railroads is a very specialized and demanding  process, which is why machinery made or retrofitted to perform exact tasks like clearing obtrusive brush off the track or laying track ties is necessary to complete the projects correctly and within deadline. Hi-rail equipment, like the Hi-Rail excavator is purpose-built for railroad maintenance. The excavator has the ability to work on any terrain, outfitted with an undercarriage that has been heavily modified to work on rails. It is made to work both on and off the track and take on multiple tool attachments to perform various tasks, making it an industry leading machine with useful versatility.

Machines like this excavator can help complete complex railway projects by enabling easy access to otherwise hard-to-reach places, allowing various tool attachments to perform many different tasks, featuring the ability to easily mount and dismount the tracks, and much more.

Hi-rail equipment further offers advantages to maintenance of way crews by reaching speeds of up to 30 mph, allowing it to be transported by rail to the next jobsite instead of being transported by lowboy trailer, which can be costly and time-consuming, thus further delaying the work timeline. Mobility, versatility and speed are key factors why the machinery is the best choice for any maintenance of way project.

Hi-Rail Machinery is Built to Last

At the core of Vancer’s hi-rail equipment is quality; made and/or retrofitted with parts and systems with long-lasting durability. The machine is as versatile as it is reliable – it has been said to have possibly the highest productivity in the industry.

Hi-Rail Machinery meets the high demands of the railroads:

  • Shorter windows for track maintenance projects
  • Can move on and off track lines quickly
  • Can utilize multiple attachments
  • Can access more remote areas of track lines making hi-rail equipment ideal for spot maintenance-of-way work
  • Machine can be transported by rail to jobsite rather than by a truck.

Some of the leading hi-rail equipment available at Vancer includes:

  • CTB41B Hi-Rail Excavator
  • CSL30K2 Hi-Rail Swingloader
  • CHX20E Hi-Rail Excavator
  • CHX12E Hi-Rail Excavator
  • CBL30F2 Hi-Rail Backhoe Loader
  • AP655B Hi-Rail AMP Skid Steer
  • 1260C Hi-Rail Backhoe