Hit Bridgework Maintenance Challenges Head On

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What Will Railroad Bridge Projects Look Like in 2021?

When it comes to bridgework maintenance, there are many complex challenges. One challenge is keeping operators safe as they work to maintain the integrity of the track. Whether exchanging ties, maintaining tunnels, replacing bridge panels, or cleaning culverts, each task requires extra attention to safety when being conducted on a bridge.

To ensure the safe success of your bridge and track projects, having the right tools and equipment for the job is paramount. Modern maintenance of way equipment from Vancer is designed with versatility and operator safety in mind, and certain equipment is designed for use on both bridges and regular track. For example, the Vancer CHX13 excavator features rail clamps to keep the machine stable and on-track. It is ideal for tamping, screwing in foundations and driving pile.

Maintaining clear culverts is another challenge. When culverts don’t allow for optimal water drainage, the impact can be disastrous to railroad operations. Railroads need innovative solutions to thoroughly clear culverts of ballast and other debris and that is why structural maintenance teams are turning to powerful water propulsion systems such as Vancer’s Culvert Cleaner.

Invest in safe solutions from Vancer to significantly reduce the stress of your railroad bridge projects and culvert maintenance.

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