How to Make Vegetation Management Easier

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Maintaining remote vegetation can be a challenge. If it isn’t combatted early in the season, it can lead to high fire risks and rail cargo damage. To efficiently manage vegetation, it is necessary to use hi-rail equipment outfitted with tools such as brush cutters, mowers, and mulching heads.

Versatility wins out with the Vancer CHX25 Hi-Rail Excavator. It is ideal for remote rail areas, and its 20-ton model allows for multiple tool functionality. It can be paired with an attachment in order to rotate the head a full 360 degrees. When paired with the brush cutter attachment, this machine can remove large tree branches and brush. Pair it with a mower deck to control grass and weeds, and add drum style mulching heads to cut and grind trees and stumps. Vancer also supplies an innovative chain saw attachment that uses a grapple system to securely cut and dispose of branches.  Add a tow cart to our CHX25 to gather branches in bulk and reduce time spent clearing work areas.

Other popular vegetation management options Vancer provides include skid steers outfitted with tools for removing brush, mowing, and mulching. The Huddig backhoe allows for efficient vegetation management with its articulating center pivot system and its ability to run multiple attachments.

When you choose versatile, powerful equipment from Vancer and start vegetation management early in the season, vegetation overgrowth can be the least of your worries.