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CTB41B Hi-Rail Excavator

The CTB41B hi-rail excavator is the most productive piece of maintenance equipment in the railroad industry. This machine features a hydraulically powered hi-rail gear undercarriage with train air brakes, multiple tool carrier functionality, dual pivoting railcar couplers – plus, unmatched travel and transport capabilities.
It’s designed and built to deliver versatility and strength which allows operators to under-cut, trench, tie insert, tamp, brush cut, move railcars and more.

 High-Rail - The hydraulically powered hi-rail function allows for easy adjustment when switching from off-track to hi-rail and track travel. It’s designed with powerful front and rear-facing pivoting couplers which allows the machine to pull upwards of three railcars, pull ballast carts and transport attachment trailers.

Engine - It’s powered by the industry-leading Cat C9 with ACERT™ Technology which delivers consistent high performance and unmatched fuel efficiency. Backup power supply is included.

Safety - Safety is a priority of the railroads. Custom engineered safety features provide safe, easy access and serviceability to machine components.

Attachments - The CTB41B hi-rail excavator operates an extensive line of attachments and specialized railroad tools to optimize jobsite productivity. It features hydraulic tool control circuit, hydraulic flow and pressure ratings along with a customized swivel function to allow for a full 360˚ attachment rotation.



  • Engine: Cat C9 ACERT™ Technology
  • U.S. EPA Tier III Certified
  • Net Power: 303 hp (226kW)
  • Operating Weight: 96,000 lb (43,544 kg)
  • Shipping Height: 11.6 ft (3.5 m)
  • Shipping Length: 33 ft (10 m)
  • Shipping Width: 11.6 ft (3.5 m)
  • High-Rail Speed: 25 mph maximum recommended travel speed


  • Hydraulic Quick Coupler
  • LCD Monitor
  • Tool Control Systems
  • Vandalism Guards
  • High Ambient Cooling Capacity with Debris Purging Capability
  • Heavy Duty Guarded Operator Cab
  • Air Conditioning
  • Full High-Rail Operator Cab Control
  • Rail Car Couplers
  • Train Air Brakes

Available Attachments

  • Tie Tampers
  • Tie Inserters
  • Under-Cutter Bars
  • Brush Cutters
  • Cat Work Tools Attachments

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